Which Far Infrared Heater to choose?

When you have realised that the Far Infrared Heating is the most suitable solution that meets all your heating needs, it is time to discover all options and choose the right Far Infrared Heater(s). You might be surprised but there are many types of Far infrared Heaters. Frameless White Panels, Perfect Mirrors with LED backlight, Towel Rails and Smart Infrared Heaters for wall and ceiling.

Do you still have doubts about Far Infrared Heating? Not sure if it is efficient enough? We strongly recommend to read the article "Why Far Infrared Heating is better?".

Planning to install Far Infrared Heaters in Spain, Portugal or another EU country? Simply get in touch with our team for a personal consultation.

So how to choose which Far Infrared Heater I need?

First of all, it is important to understand that the heaters by Royal Infrared Heating® can be used in any indoor and covered outdoor area of your apartment or house. Important fact - Far Infrared Heating can be used both as general and complementary heating for apartments, houses, mobile houses, offices, restaurants, hotels, SPA and sport facilities.

Let's quickly discover all model ranges by Royal Infrared Heating®.

White and Frameless Far Infrared Panel Heaters Domus

Excellent solution to heat all indoor areas.

For small and large areas including bathrooms, bedrooms, halls, living (lounge) and dining areas. For efficiency and technical reasons this model can be only mounted on a wall. Can be simply plugged-in or wired to the mains power. Domus can be wired or used with thermostat.

Far Infrared Mirror Heaters "Repulsus" with LED

Perfect solution for people who like LED mirrors and need efficient heating.

For smaller areas including bathrooms, bedrooms, halls, living (lounge) and dining areas. For efficiency and technical reasons this model can be only mounted on a wall vertically. Can be simply plugged-in or wired to the mains power. Repulsus cannot be wired or used with thermostat. The mirrors also have cold white LED backlight which works independently. You can control both the heating element and LED backlight via touch screen sensor on the mirror front side.

Towel Rail Panel Heaters Linteum and Linteum Duo

Great addition to any bathroom. Dual heating technology by Royal Infrared Heating®. The Towel Rail warms towels and heats a bathroom.  

For bathrooms mainly. Can be simply plugged-in or wired to the mains power. Linteum/Linteum Duo can be wired or used with thermostat

Smart Far Infrared Heater Velit Sol

New generation heater to heat all indoor and covered outdoor areas. Velit Sol has 4 power settings and can operate on 350 watts, 900 watts, 1350 watts and 1900 watts. The heater also has the integrated thermostat for remote and WiFi controls.

For small and large areas including bathrooms, bedrooms, halls, living (lounge) and dining areas. Both for ceiling and wall (not less than 2m from the floor/ground) mount. Can be simply plugged-in or wired to the mains power. Comes with a remote control by Royal Infrared Heating®.

Not sure which Far Infrared Heater to choose?

It is always hard when it gets to the moment of selecting the heater. Thanks to a big range of Royal Infrared Heating® heaters everyone can find the most suitable device.

Based on our experience, we have selected below the main factors that influence the customer decision while selecting our heaters:

1. Style and design

White panels Domus or Black & Bronze heaters Velit Sol - common dilemma for many customers. However, the interior design of the property helps to make the final decision.

2. Size and power

Panel Domus 580W or Domus 900W to a medium size bedroom - what is better? As soon as there is only a small price difference we usually recommend to have the Domus 900W. The explanation for this is the following: the more powerful panel Domus can heat a room faster and within less amount of time. Which eventually will result in less spendings for electricity. 

3. Usability and heater features

White Far Infrared Panel Heater Domus 580W or Far Infrared Towel Rail Linteum 580W for bathroom? if you use towels - then certainly Towel Rail Linteum. The reason for that is that the Linteum has dual heating technology - it heats room just like the Panel Domus and warms towels thanks to the high quality chrome towel rail.

4. Manual or smart controls

When is comes to the true life comfort we start thinking about the temperature and remote controls. All our heaters can be controlled manually and most of them remotely and via WiFi.

Panels Domus and Towel Rails Linteum can be used with one of our Smart Thermostats.

Mirrors Repulsus can be controlled manually via its touch screen sensor.

Smart Heaters Velit Sol has an integrated thermostat which is controlled with remote control and WiFi.

How to get started with your new IR Heater(s)?

  1. Decide on the rooms/areas you would like to heat
  2. Make proper measurements
  3. Read this article and/or read description of each heater you are interested in
  4. Make an order and enjoy the cozy heating

In case you are planning to use products by Royal Infrared Heating® please send us a request for a personal consultation. Based on your needs and request, our team can prepare a personalised recommendation for you.

For big apartments/houses we can also prepare 5D visualisations to demonstrate how the heaters by Royal Infrared Heating® would look like in your property. For this service we only request plans and pictures of the areas/rooms you would like to heat.



Feel the Sunshine at home - pleasant and very efficient innovative heating solution



Far Infrared Heating is organic, safe and used a lot in the sports and health facilities



Far Infrared Heaters consume less energy and help saving money long-term



Smart WiFi controls with app and voice to control our IR heaters remotely

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