Far Infrared Heating or other heating systems?

To understand and compare the Far infrared Heating to other heating systems, we should firstly analyse the heating type and its efficiency. Far Infrared Heaters use only electricity to operate.

Secondly, we should take a look at the health and life aspects to make sure that Far Infrared Heating is harmless.

Thirdly, we will learn about implementation and maintenance costs to run Far Infrared Heaters.

Then it is very important to understand all about energy consumptions, costs and limits.

And finally we will take a look at the smart controls for even more comfortable life.


Far Infrared Heating - a direct type of heating, which means that Far Infrared Heaters heat the surfaces instead of the air. To be more specific, about 80% of the heat goes to all surfaces in the heated area. Whereas 20% of the heat goes to the air.

Immediate and continuous heat

On the one hand, you can immediately feel the heat which feels like from the sun. On the other hand, the heat is absorbed by walls, ceiling floor, and all objects and then all these give the heat back to the environment by heating the air. This will assist to maintain a comfortable temperature in a room you prefer.

Warm walls, ceiling, floor, objects and people

With time, every next week you will use Far Infrared Heaters less to maintain the same comfortable temperature because the heat will be accumulating in the surfaces and objects in the heated areas. In fact, you will realize that even the walls are being warmed up by the Far Infrared Waves. Every building material can absorb the heat, it is just a matter of time.

Traditional heating is different

The majority of traditional heaters and modern heating systems are indirect heating, which heats only the air. There are many disadvantages of such heating type:

  1. Dries the air. Which is especially bad for people with allergies. The eyes will be always dry.
  2. Warm air is out when the door or window is open. Every time you open a window or door, the heated air will always come out through them.
  3. Helps spread the dampness


Does not spread the bacteria

There is zero air circulation while using Far Infrared Heating. Especially during the COVID time, it is very important to prevent any virus spread indoors and outdoors.

Prevents the dampness formation

Moreover, due to the fact that the Far Infrared Waves get inside walls and ceilings, there will be no dampness anymore. In buildings where there is already a problem of dampness and wet walls, it takes 2-4 weeks to solve the problem completely while using heaters by Royal Infrared Heating®. Thus Far Infrared Heating is the best choice for heat properties in Spain and Portugal.

Recommended by specialists

You can have a consultation with your doctor to investigate more about the positive effects of Far Infrared Waves which are highly recommended.

Used for hospitals, clinics, and sports and spa centers 

Heaters by Royal Infrared Heating® are widely used in Spain and Portugal. Our heaters are used in health and sports organizations to fulfill heating and consumption needs. Did you hear about Hot Yoga? Using Far Infrared Heaters as the main heat source for Hot Yoga is a modern solution not only in Spain and Portugal but also in other parts of the world.

And this happens when you use traditional heating

Most traditional heating systems use the air to heat rooms. Of course, this significantly helps to spread bacteria and viruses. Thus, many offices in Spain, Portugal, and other EU countries during the COVID time decided to go for Far Infrared Heating instead of prebuilt AC, to minimize all risks involved.

AC also cannot be used by people with allergies. Unfortunately, even more, AC can harm your eyes because it dries the air. And this is another big reason why Far Infrared Heating is better to use in Spain and Portugal.


Installation cost and time

Most Far Infrared Heaters by Royal Infrared Heating® can be mounted without the help of an electrician or installer. For example, to mount Far infrared Panel Heater "Domus" you only need to drill 4 holes. Like mounting a picture. Screws, dowels, drilling template, and installation guide are included with each product by Royal Infrared Heating®. It can take from 10 to 30 minutes to install each panel. This means that the installation cost is close to zero in most cases. Especially because our heaters can be controlled remotely (via plug-in or integrated thermostats).

However, if you prefer to have the "perfect installation" when cables are not visible and hidden inside of the walls/ceiling, you might need a help of an electrician (unless you can install it yourself). The installation price per heater may vary from 10 to 100 euros, depending on your electrician. For example, in Costa Blanca, we can assist you to select the right person for the installation. In this case, the price per heater may vary from 30 to 60 euros (depending on the complexity). The time depends on each property and the conditions of mounting a heater.


There is simply no maintenance. You can easily clean (if you ever need) our Far Infrared Heaters (when off) with any wipe.

Whereas traditional heating needs a lot of attention

An air conditioner, for example, requires a professional installation inside the property and on the roof (in most cases). 

Oil or gas heating requires the professional installation of tubes.

In fact, almost all traditional heating systems require maintenance. For AC, for example, you need to fill freon and change filters.

The heating with propane, which is popular in some parts of Spain requires you to buy (which is very expensive, especially in 2022) and change bottles every 1-2 weeks. 


Average use

Due to the fact that the Far Infrared Heating reaches and heats walls, floors, and ceilings and then gives the heat back to the air, the Far Infrared Heaters are recommended to use 2-5 hours per day only to maintain a comfortable temperature. 

Moreover, the power of heaters by Royal Infrared Heating® is low - from 350 to 1800 watts per heater.

Average cost

Roughly speaking, on average, there will be a price of 7-15€ per month to have 19-20 degrees Celsius in a bathroom all day long of 3-7m². And 10-20€ per month for a bedroom of 7-14m². Which is 2-3 times less than using any other traditional heating system. The price depends on the number of hours you use the heater(s) and the price you pay per kW.

Energy limit

The energy that you might need to have depends on the number of heaters you have and the needs you have. Be assured in any scenario there will not be any problem with the energy limit. It highly depends on customer and product management. Far Infrared Heating is used as the general heating source for both small apartments and big villas. Our team is always happy to assist you with selecting the right model and number of Far Infrared Heaters by Royal Infrared Heating®.

You can check out Wattage Calculator to calculate the number of heaters you need approximately. We highly recommend you to reach us out for a specific calculation and recommendation.

The electricity bill can be too high while using traditional heating

Using AC, gas, and oil as sources of heating will bring you a lot of expenses. The simple explanation for that is this: to maintain the heated area warm and cozy you need to run the traditional heaters almost all the time. Because they heat the air. Thus the energy consumption will be much higher than when using Far Infrared Heaters by Royal Infrared Heating®.



Another great difference from traditional heating systems is the discreet appearance of Far Infrared Heaters by Royal Infrared Heating®. All our heaters are the space-saving heating solutions. For instance, the Frameless and White Far Infrared Panel Heater "Domus" has a thickness of only 2.5cm. The Far Infrared Mirror Heater "Repulsus" - 4.4cm. 


Choose the suitable size of the heater for each room of your home. The Far Infrared Heaters can fulfill your heating needs for any room size - from the smallest bathrooms to open space lounge areas. Moreover, we know how to heat your patio and any covered outdoor area. Contact our team for a personal consultation for more details.

Remember what AC or gas heaters look like?

A big majority of other heating systems just look ugly. Firstly they are always huge and do not fit the room design.


Smart thermostats

To control remotely and set the temperature on the Panel Heaters "Domus" and Towel Rail Heaters "Linteum" and "Linteum S" you can use Smart Thermostats (plug-in and mains-powered). Control each panel/towel rail separately and set temperature and timers. Use group, family, and other smart modes to enjoy the Smart Heating.

Integrated Smart Thermostats

Some models of our Far Infrared Heaters like Smart Heaters "Velit Sol" have integrated thermostats so no extra thermostat is required. Such heaters you can control with a remote control or with your smartphone/tablet. You can synchronize an account between all of your devices, even of your family if you prefer. Thus everyone has an access to control the Smart Heater from any place, even when away from home.


To summarise all Far Infrared Heating advantages; and disadvantages of the traditional heating systems (AC, oil, gas heating, etc.):

1. Far Infrared Heating gives you instant and continuous heating by warming all surfaces including walls, ceilings, floors, objects, and even people.

Other heating systems heat only the air and help to spread dampness.

2. Far Infrared Heating is harmless

Indirect heating (AC, gas) is not harmless

3. Far Infrared Heaters by Royal Infrared Heating® are easy to mount and have no maintenance.

Other heating systems require professional installation and sometimes even renovation.

4. Far Infrared Heaters by Royal Infrared Heating® will compliment the look and feel of your home. Different sizes and power for different rooms.

Other heating systems in most cases do not look nice. Often, it is required to make the installation of a complete heating system even when you want to heat only a specific room or area.

Are you ready to go Infrared? Or still, thinking about it? Let's have a personal consultation to discuss your heating needs personally. Send us a message via one of the contact forms on this website.



Feel the Sunshine at home - pleasant and very efficient innovative heating solution



Far Infrared Heating is organic, safe and used a lot in the sports and health facilities



Far Infrared Heaters consume less energy and help saving money long-term



Smart WiFi controls with app and voice to control our IR heaters remotely

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