Tower Rail Featuring Integrated IR Heater

Not just a towel rail, but the experience…

Far Infrared Towel Rail Heater
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Domus 580W

Original price was: €349.00.Current price is: €269.00. (VAT not included)

Domus 900W

Original price was: €429.00.Current price is: €329.00. (VAT not included)

Innovative products

Efficient, durable, easy-to-use and smart

Wide range

Heaters for all types of rooms & properties

Realiable service

Personal customer service for everyone

Quick delivery

Worry-free and safe delivery within days

Based in the EU

Warehouses are located in Spain


Legal entity and provision of invoices

Towel Rail Linteum

Feels like the Sun

Efficient and does not dry the air

Keep walls, floor, ceiling warm

Surface heating

Preventing formation of dampness

Reduced energy bill

Low consumption

Average cost per month is 5-15€/mirror

Efficient heating

Comfortable IR heating within seconds

Low consumption

Energy save and reduced electrical bill

Health benefits

Prevention of dampness & bacteria formation

Smart controls

Manual, app, voice, smart, group controls

Premium materials

High quality control and 0% defect rate

Easy installation

Drill 4 holes, hang the heater and plug it in

No maintenance

Simply switch your IR heater on to enjoy it


Lifespan is more than 100.000 hours

Piece of the Art

Beautiful discreet appearance

Thickness of only 2.5 cm



Living area




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IR Towel Rails Linteum

The Innovative Far Infrared Heater for an efficient and comfortable indoor heating

Linteum 580W

Original price was: €395.00.Current price is: €310.00. (VAT not included)

Linteum Duo 580W

Original price was: €455.00.Current price is: €399.00. (VAT not included)

Manual & Smart Controls (Sold Separately)

Each heater in our Domus, Linteum, and Linteum Duo series comes equipped with a convenient manual on/off switch on its side. However, if you prefer the flexibility of manual or remote (WiFi) temperature control and the use of smart modes, you can enhance your experience by choosing one of our compatible thermostats. Select the control option that suits your needs from the "Frequently Bought Together" section below.

Smart Control with Mobile Apps, Alexa, and Google Home

All Royal Infrared Heating® thermostats offer smart control capabilities, allowing you to easily set and adjust temperatures, create schedules, and more, all from your smartphone. Please note that a stable WiFi connection is required to fully utilize these smart functions. Our thermostats offer a wide range of smart features, including temperature control, weekly scheduling, countdown timers, group control, and compatibility with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home.

With smart controls, you can individually manage each heater, even when you're away from your property. This means you can conveniently turn on any unit before you wake up or return home, ensuring a comfortable temperature on time. Additionally, you can set up schedules for each day, so your heaters automatically operate at your preferred times. Experience enhanced convenience and comfort with Royal Infrared Heating® heaters.

Compatible Thermostats

The Far infrared Towel Rail Heater Linteum/Linteum Duo can be used together with any of our smart thermostats. Both plug-in (for a socket) and mains-powered (for a professional installation) ones.

Avis Pro

Original price was: €95.00.Current price is: €85.00. (VAT not included)

Avis S

Original price was: €95.00.Current price is: €65.00. (VAT not included)


Original price was: €95.00.Current price is: €69.00. (VAT not included)

Poer 26

Original price was: €95.00.Current price is: €65.00. (VAT not included)


Domus 580W

Original price was: €349.00.Current price is: €269.00. (VAT not included)

Domus 900W

Original price was: €429.00.Current price is: €329.00. (VAT not included)

Repulsus 500W LED

Original price was: €549.00.Current price is: €399.00. (VAT not included)


Feel the Sunshine at home - pleasant and very efficient innovative heating solution


Far Infrared Heating is organic, safe and used a lot in the sports and health facilities


Far Infrared Heaters consume less energy and help saving money long-term


Smart WiFi controls with app and voice to control our IR heaters remotely

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