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Far Infrared Heaters vs. Air Conditioning in Spain and Portugal

As December unfolds in Spain and Portugal, the shift in weather prompts the need for effective heating solutions to maintain indoor comfort. In both countries, known for their diverse climates and mild winters, managing indoor temperatures efficiently is paramount. While traditional heating methods often involve air conditioning systems, a newer and more efficient option, Far Infrared Heaters, offers a cost-effective alternative. Let's examine this difference, using a 40-square-meter living room as a reference and assuming an electricity cost of 20 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

1. Efficiency and Cost Savings

 Far Infrared Heaters function by emitting electromagnetic waves that directly warm objects and surfaces within a room. In contrast, air conditioning systems primarily regulate the air's temperature. The efficiency of Far Infrared Heaters lies in their ability to heat objects and individuals directly, reducing energy waste and consumption significantly.

For example, consider heating a 40-square-meter living room with Far Infrared Heaters. Typically, a Far Infrared Heater Domus 900W has a power rating of about 900 watts. If we assume continuous operation for 8 hours, the energy consumption would be:

Energy Consumption (kWh) = Power (kW) x Time (hours) Energy Consumption (kWh) = 0.9 kW x 8 hours Energy Consumption (kWh) = 7.2 kWh

At an electricity price of 20 cents per kWh, the cost of heating the living room for the day would be:

Cost (EUR) = Energy Consumption (kWh) x Price per kWh (EUR) Cost (EUR) = 7.2 kWh x 0.20 EUR/kWh Cost (EUR) = 1.44 EUR

Using Far Infrared Heaters to heat the 40-square-meter living room for a day in December would cost approximately 1.44 EUR.

Use our Consumption Calculator to get an estimated consumption cost.

2. Air Conditioning's Efficiency Challenges

Air conditioning systems face several efficiency challenges when used for heating in winter. They often consume extra energy as they need to cool the air before heating it. Furthermore, warm air naturally rises, while cool air tends to settle, leading to uneven heating and potential energy waste as warm air escapes through poorly insulated areas.

Let's delve deeper into the technical differences. Air conditioning units function by cooling the air and then blowing it into the room. In the process of heating, they need to convert the cool air into warm air, which involves additional energy consumption. This can lead to inefficient heating, especially in spaces with poor insulation.

3. Continuous Savings with Far Infrared Heaters

 One additional benefit of Far Infrared Heaters is their ability to retain heat in the objects and surfaces they warm. This means that, on subsequent days, you would require less energy to maintain the same level of comfort. As objects and surfaces absorb heat, they act as thermal reservoirs, reducing the reliance on continuous heating. This feature further contributes to energy savings and reduced heating costs.

4. Only Genuine Far Infrared Heaters by Royal Infrared Heating®

It's crucial to note that the genuine Far Infrared Heaters, known for their high quality and efficiency, are exclusively offered by Royal Infrared Heating®. Their heaters are designed to provide unparalleled performance, ensuring that you receive the full benefits of this innovative technology. What's more, Royal Infrared Heating® offers free delivery in Spain and Portugal, making it easier than ever to embrace this efficient and cost-effective heating solution.

5. Cost of Installation: An Additional Consideration

 When weighing the advantages of Far Infrared Heaters against traditional air conditioning systems, it's important to consider the cost of installation. Installing Far Infrared Heaters, such as the Domus panels, is a straightforward process, and the cost is typically minimal, with an average installation fee of around 50 euros for one panel. In contrast, the installation of an air conditioning unit can be considerably more expensive due to the complexity of the system and the need for additional components like ductwork. This can result in installation costs ranging from hundreds to over a thousand euros.

For example:

  • Installing a single Domus Far Infrared Heater for 50 euros
  • Installing an air conditioning unit with associated ductwork and electrical work for 800 euros

The substantial cost difference in installation further demonstrates the financial advantages of Far Infrared Heaters, making them a more budget-friendly choice for homeowners.

6. Summary: Far Infrared Heaters Offer Comprehensive Savings

 In this December scenario, Far Infrared Heaters emerge as a cost-effective and energy-efficient heating solution, offering substantial savings compared to air conditioning systems. They are able to provide the same level of comfort at a fraction of the energy cost, and the heat-retention effect of Far Infrared Heaters ensures ongoing savings in the following days. With the added benefit of minimal installation costs, Far Infrared Heaters by Royal Infrared Heating® offer a comprehensive solution for staying warm, comfortable, and budget-conscious in Spain and Portugal.

Choosing Far Infrared Heaters ensures you receive the full benefits of this innovative heating technology while keeping installation expenses to a minimum. As winter sets in, make the smart choice to stay warm while contributing to a sustainable future with genuine Far Infrared Heaters by Royal Infrared Heating®.



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